CNC Autoloaders

Autoloaders automatically load and unload components to CNC turning centers. They are a low cost alternative to Robots.

  1. Autoloaders can be attached to individual CNC turning centers which run a specific family of components.
  2. Front loader or gantry type.
  3. Can be moved to the side on LM Rails for setting changes, machine maintenance and while running lower batch volume components.
  4. Pneumatic or Servo systems based on cycle time.
  5. Comes with a 4.3” touch screen for Manual control, Automatic control, Quality Control, Cycle time monitoring, Model selection and Fault Display.
  6. Existing machines can be retro-fitted with our CNC autoloaders.
  7. Suitable for high volume components that can be gravity fed.
  8. 4 machines can be placed in a square layout with 4 autoloaders and run by 1 operator in the middle.
  9. Low ROI compared to Robotic systems