Vending Machines

Vending machines automatically dispense stored material when the customer places an order. Typical machines are food vending, medicine vending and tools vending. They are also called Automatic Storage and Retrieval systems (ASRS).

  1. We provide vending machines for food, medicines and other valuable items.
  2. These machines are rack based where the items are stored.
  3. Product identification and tracking is by QR codes or RFID tags.
  4. Ordering is done by touch screens from the front of the machine or by mobile apps.
  5. In case of food the machine is refrigerated and for medicines can be on an as needed basis.
  6. These machines deliver at high speed. In case of food with heating the number of deliveries can be 120 per hour.
  7. Food vending machines can be used in airports, railway stations, hospitals and high moving crowd locations.
  8. Medicine vending machines are primarily used in pharmacies for quick delivery of the medicines to the customer to avoid long waiting lines.