Feed Systems

Belt conveyors and slat chain conveyors are used to feed components to Robot in a machine tending cell and also to transport material from one machine to another.

  1. Belt conveyors can be provided in different length, width and heights.
  2. Suitable to transfer components between CNC machines and for Robot outfeed systems.
  3. Can be provided with or without PLC control
  4. VFD can be provided if speed control is required.
  1. Slat chain conveyors come with fixtures where the components can be placed in an orderly fashion.
  2. Mainly suitable for infeed system for the robot. Robot can pick up components as they are placed in pre-defined positions.
  3. Fixtures can be replaced if running a different component.
  4. PLC and VFD control can be provided.
  1. Rotary feeders are mainly for storing high volume components.
  2. They are used in robotic cells for infeed and outfeed.
  3. Indexing can be cam based or servo based.